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New Media Services: Video Moderation

Moderation comes in many different forms but are essentially all covered by the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality or an adherence to set standards throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. On Internet websites which invite users to post comments, a moderation system is the method the webmaster or moderator chooses to sort contributions which are irrelevant, obscene, illegal, or insulting with regards to useful or informative contributions.

Video Moderation is one of the forms included in this system. Simply put, video moderation is the task of spotting offensive, illegal and undesired video content uploads on a website. Video moderators serve as guardians of any and all video contents uploaded. Each video file will be held to the standards set by the host client and the guidelines they require.

A huge pool of entertainment, network, commercial and resource sites currently offer video posting and are quite strict in video posts. That is why they are still going strong until the present day. Facebook, Youtube and Multiply to mention a few, have policies for copyrighted videos, soundtracks and also moderation flags on obscene and distasteful video uploads that defeat the purpose of their respective sites. With video moderation employed and uploading rules enforced, end-users will be able to enjoy the services offered without the worry of unworthy posts eating-up their bandwidth and flooding servers.

The video moderation service is for clients who value image and dignity for their websites as well as social network sites which provide video showcasing. Recognizing the need for clean and purely goal-driven services, New Media Services offers its very own Video Moderation - a part of the “WWW Moderation” service which is a moderation system geared towards clients who want professional service for their website needs. New Media Services has in its employ, a large team of experts to handle client-demands and assist in your company’s goals by shouldering the weight of moderating undesired website threats like SPAM, Flames, Trolling, False or unpermitted Advertising, Outside Linking, Illegal Programs/Scripts, Piracy and Censor Bypassing.

New Media Services is in the forefront in bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering for both the Web and Mobile industries. We lead in providing global outsourcing services utilizing real people. We are the ultimate resource for all your information and entertainment requirements, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled staff.

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