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Success Behind Online Moderation

Because effective moderation unlocks a successful website and effective online presence, you should know how to moderate your online moderation.

First of all, you should know the three different roles in your website department. You can impose dozens of roles but do not forget to have this three: author, moderator and publisher.

The moderator approves the work of the author. The moderator checks if the work of the author is free from any chance of creating negative issues. The publisher posts all approved items to be included in the website. The publisher also replaces some posts after the moderator modifies them.

When should you moderate? There are six answers to this. First is before, or what we call pre-moderation.
Before an article, forum message, picture, or video is published in a website, the moderator reviews it. Pre-moderation should be done if your market is children. Moderators check if the pictures are free from themes on bullying or sexual grooming. Moderators check if messages in comment spaces, blogs, and chat spaces are free from things that have negative influences to their growth and development.

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